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Galactic Scientific

Servicing, maintenance and support
when you need it most

Who can you turn to for professional expertise and innovative scientific solutions?
Galactic® Scientific, of course!
Never risk the operational efficiency of your greatest scientific equipment.
Trust your equipment to the equipment repairs and problem solvers of Perth’s only worker-owned co-operative.
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Do you utilise any of the below?

  • ICP-MS


  • Laser ablation systems

  • Autosamplers

  • Sample delivery systems

  • Hamilton Micro lab 500 & 600 Diluters & Dispensers

  • Pathology instruments

  • Coagulation testers

  • Bio Medical Devices

  • UV/Vis instruments

  • XRF spectrometers

  • Chillers & Vacuum Pumps


The good news is that our scientifically specialised team can (and gladly will) service any of the above to keep them in tip-top shape and working order. So, you can get straight back to doing what you do best.


We take the time to understand the issue(s) and problem solve. Oh, and we’re big on repairing over replacing, too!

Saving our clients time and money with regular maintenance and servicing is what Galactic® Scientific is all about.

Galactic Cooperative Perth.jpg
So, don’t jump ship and buy new scientific systems when the going gets tough. Seek refuge at the hub of scientific equipment repairers.
Aka reach out to Galactic® Scientific today.

Apologies for that – we might have gotten carried away with our cosmos vernacular!

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