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Helium Leak Detection

from your detection specialists

When you think of a leak you might think of dripping toilet or tap, or perhaps even something that goes well with a potato in a pie.
Put those thoughts aside because we’re talking about leaks of a different kind.
Did you know that Galactic® Scientific offer helium leak detection?
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Sometimes finding and fixing leaks in your devices is easy – especially if they’re in a small system. Yet, when they’re in a large device or system, and the leaking substance is the triple threat (odourless, colourless and hazardous) – you might just find yourself in a bit of a pickle.


Not to worry though – Helium Mass Spectrometer leak testing is by far the fastest, non-destructive and precise method available to solve your leaky blues.

And naturally, it’s a method we at Galactic® Scientific are competent and enthusiastic to use for your leak detection requirements.

What are Mass Spectrometers?


These sensitive little detectors measure the presence, or absence, of single atoms in a volume. Helium is an impressive element of the periodic table – with its ability to diffuse through even the smallest defects in metals, plastics and glass.

Helium leak detection can equate to great savings by providing you with the warning signs of an impending failure.

Check out this
case study 


Take a recent project Galactic® Scientific undertook – where we located a pinhole leak in an industrial chiller the size of a house. Refrigerant loss was slowly costing the plant efficiency and leaking ozone depleting gases. Insert big yikes here!

By injecting tracer gas into the refrigerant loop, we were able to locate several small leaks as well as the pinhole leak. Problem solved.

When you need to know the leak rate in an absolute quantitative manner, Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection is the traceable technique to trust.

The benefits enjoyed for all equipment:


  • In cryogenic vessels – save on waste

  • Vacuum systems – save on waste AND contamination

  • Leaks in any and all scientific, biomedical and laboratory-specific equipment cost businesses time and money.


Helium leak detection is a rapid, sensitive, precise and quantitative method for evaluating and locating leaks in scientific instruments, industrial containers, heat exchangers, air conditioning or refrigeration systems, medical devices or anything else capable of leaking.


Our experienced team of engineers, physicists and chemists can certify leak rates, analyse detector data as well as locate and seal leaks. This will help you to improve safety, reduce waste, lower costs and help the environment to stay leak free.

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Do you think you need help detecting a potenial helium leak?

Get in touch with our qualified team at Galactic® Scientific 
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