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Need some questions answered?

Check out some frequently asked questions and answers below

Frequently Asked Questions


​Do we sell consumables?

Yes, please see our Shopify link. 

Do you Travel?

Yes, we operate throughout WA.

My instrument is not working and the agent is in Europe, USA, Sydney, etc. Do I have to pay airfares and hotels to get service here?

No you don't. We will step in and liaise with the manufacturer and do what is necessary to restore your operations.

I've been told my favourite instrument is now obsolete. Can you still maintain it?

Yes. We maintain many instruments long ago deemed obsolete by the manufacturer, some over 30 years old and still going strong.

Do you accept decommissioned instruments for decontamination, recycling or repurposing?

Yes. This is the responsible way to dispose of instruments with the minimum environmental harm.


Are you available after hours for urgent repairs?

Yes, we are available for urgent after hours repairs.


Do you offer service contracts/agreements?

Yes we do, we can even cover obsolete instruments. Minimum response times are also available.

I need a custom made apparatus for my application, can you make it?

Yes we do design and manufacture apparatus to your specifications.

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