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Learn more about our dedicated high-tech team

Discover our why

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Looking for an inspired future? So are we.

That’s why we work hard to provide technical expertise, to empower physicists, chemists and laboratory managers to get the most out of their equipment and medical technology.


We get it – new technology can be hard, but it truly, really and 100% doesn’t have to be.

Turn towards the co-operative who’ll forever put your goals first.

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It’s our proud purpose to be both innovative and inspiring.

With true grit and tenacity, Galactic® Co-operative always endeavours to do and demonstrate better.

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Our business is driven by our finetuned vision.

This vision is the desire of an inspired future for all.

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What good is our planet that houses and holds us if we don’t give back?


Galactic® Co-operative utilises sustainable innovation to meet the needs of our people, community and the planet we call home.

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We’re committed to leading the way and making the impossible, possible.

Everybody can get inspired; everybody can be inspiring.

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A co-operative is inherently local and community-minded. It’s our mission to be local and serve local, and to provide a place of work that is seriously stimulating, producing a proud and sustainable livelihood to our team.

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As Spock once said: “insufficient facts always invite danger.”

So, we’re on a quest for technological truths – backed by the principle of communicating and acting in truth.

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Apart from being avid science and technology enthusiasts, we’re all humans, too.


This means we crave connection, engagement with the community and investing in transparent networking as and for people who truly care.

galactic cooperative perth_growth.png

And if the above points weren’t enough, see us fearlessly developing our business and ourselves.

The Seven
Co-operative Principles

Galactic® Co-operative follows the Seven Co-operative Principles as found in the International Co-operative Alliance.

These principles make us unique when compared to other businesses. How? Mainly because we put the needs and wellbeing of our team first. What a concept!

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