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Looking for a rewarding role in a Co-Operative?

Find out what’s to love about working at  Galactic Co-operative

We’re a small but mighty multi-faceted business, owned and operated by our workers – providing what we know and do best: technology expertise and services, plus scientific consumables and equipment.
We make the lives of chemists, physicists and laboratory managers easier, better and brighter.
Does this sound like something you’re keen to put your hand up for and take part in?

What we do:


  • Repair, test and maintain laboratory equipment

  • Conduct helium leak testing

  • Provide training and consultancy services to laboratories and businesses

  • We are agents for a variety of specialised scientific equipment manufacturers and provide a responsive, professional, and above all sustainable service to the Perth scientific, mining, academic and manufacturing sectors.


As an equal opportunity workplace, we encourage applications from people of all ages (over the age of 18, of course), genders, identities and ethnicities.


Supported by strong, team-oriented values, when you work at Galactic® Co-operative, you’re not just an employee, but part of the family.


We strive to maintain a stellar workplace, fostered on fun, and surrounded by stimulating work and cultivated challenges.

Sounds like something you want to be a part of?
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