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Laboratory-specific equipment services

from scientists who know what scientists need

Turning it on and off again? It’s not always that simple with laboratory-specific equipment - especially when livelihoods and lives depend on it.
Worry not though, because everyone who makes the Galactic® Scientific division has spent many a day working with scientific equipment as chemists, physicists and so forth.
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Your equipment is in expert hands

We’re chemists, physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers, ourselves. This gives us ample opportunity and the people that we work with, confidence, to tackle any and all instrumentation problems faced in a day’s work.

Whether it’s a laser ablation machine, spectrometer, dispenser or even a diluter causing a scene – count on us to rectify and remedy. We’re ready to be of service!



We know a lot more than just the basics when it comes to laboratory equipment and instruments. Galactic® Scientific are more than willing to get hands on in the installation of recent equipment purchases or upgrades. We’ll even advise you and your staff of the latest and greatest in new or existing instruments – if you want us to, of course.




Whether it’s a micro lab dispensing unit or a mass spectrometer – we can undertake instrument services from the massive to the minute. We’ll even handle all the warranty claims and replacement parts – providing a transparent and direct communication line with the manufacturer.




Hardware or software, even brand-new equipment and units – Galactic® are expertly equipped to handle upgrades from start to finish.



Relocating your equipment from point A to point B? Don’t risk it - get it right the first time by calling on Galactic® to take care of it. We’ll install any and all ventilation, trigger cables, monitors and all supporting peripherals. We put the utmost care in, to prevent damage resulting from equipment on the move.

Galactic Cooperative Perth.jpg
Look to the laboratory-loving scientific servicing team
for your installation, servicing, upgrades and relocation needs.
The Galactic® Sealed PC

Standard PCs have a particularly shortened lifespan when exposed to hostile environments, such as a laboratory. Our Galactic® Sealed PC is resistant to corrosive gases, humidity and dust, significantly extending its lifespan in hostile environments.


This not only saves the expenditure of frequently purchasing new PCs, but it also saves on downtime and avoids data loss.

Galactic Cooperative Perth.jpg
Looking for a laboratory-friendly PC that will last?
Your search is over – because the game changing Galactic® Sealed PC is here.
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