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If you can do it, should you?

Let’s say you have this set of skills/abilities/ a super power (call it what you will). Most workplaces will want you to use one or some of them in order to do your job, but, rarely all of them.

This means that many of us have surplus ability which is lying dormant. Unexercised. What should you do with it? It’s an important question.

You may be a plumber who can paint, a doctor who can play violin or an accountant who can write poetry. You can think of a few more I'm sure.

Human potential is valuable and not to be wasted. So would it be most efficient to focus on one skill/ability and leave the rest to slumber, or is the most effective use of human potential achieved by developing and exercising all the facets of an individual's abilities?

The answer most would feel comfortable with is the latter option. If you prefer anecdote, consider, Einstein played violin!

That said, why do so many business ‘gurus’ claim that successful business must specialise in one thing only? So called ‘core’ business thinking is flawed. Working for companies that want to turn their people into machines, is not a sustainable practice.

So I would suggest that in your life, business, work, you will find it most rewarding to choose to use all your super powers as much as possible. Naturally traditional workplaces will have a problem with this, so fix that by quitting. See my other blog on that subject.


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