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From Anarchy to Holacracy : What Suits You?

Holacracy, Hierarchy, Collective, Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune: There are many different Systems

It seems to me there are as many different organisational systems out there as there are personality types. I do not think this is an accident either. After all, organisations are just groups of people. People have different tastes, so it makes sense that a one size fits all approach to working together with people just does not exist.

If we accept this, then we must also consider carefully the tastes of the people we choose to work with and the preferences of the people we do work for. Sounds odd, but in my view possibly the best recruitment and marketing strategies would require having more about what people like or feel is right, rather that what they have done or can do.

Not only this, you will also have to know what you personally are really like, not what you think you are like. This is not easy to do because we are not the best observers of ourselves. Recent studies into the concept of happiness have shown that when we are presented with a choice, we often choose the option which makes us less happy rather than more.

Paradoxically, if we are asked to choose what another person should do, we do better at choosing the option that leads to a happier outcome.

Kind of puts listening to your grandmother’s advice into a whole new light, doesn’t it?


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